You are an entrepreneur and own a plumbing company. Whether your fleet of vehicles is small or large, Proleasing offers the best solution for you. Leasing should be considered as a business strategy for your vehicles. Take advantage of Proleasing’s affordable monthly payments and a choice of new or slightly used trucks in excellent condition that will allow you to maintain an attractive resale value at the end of your lease. As opposed to purchasing, this will allow you to free up important cash flow dedicated to the management of your operations.

In the plumbing industry, vehicles often require custom equipment or upfitting based on a contractors' particular needs. At Proleasing, we provide contractors with a turnkey vehicle that is tailor-made, equipped and designed according to their required specifications. Our financing is not only offered on vehicles, but also on all needed special equipment. In addition, our large fleet of vehicles provides plumbing professionals with a vast selection specific to this trade, whether it be Transit or Savana vans for smaller businesses or 12-foot, 14-foot or 16-foot cubic trucks for larger ones.

If you are a plumber seeking one or more vehicles, Proleasing has the truck you need!