Proleasing offers long-term leases to businesses for new and used commercial vans, trucks and equipment. Whether you or a member of the Proleasing team finds the vehicle or equipment you require, it can be purchased by Proleasing and leased to you.

Leasing has many advantages since you get a more expensive and better equipped vehicle for the same price while allowing you to acquire a new vehicle every three or four years. By not purchasing the vehicle, you can use your cash for other purchases or investments.

The lease payment is based on the difference between the cost of the vehicle and the residual value at the end of the lease. Vehicles that retain good resale value will be less costly to lease compared to vehicles that depreciate more quickly.

At Proleasing, we finance not only the vehicles that we hold in inventory, but any vehicle purchased elsewhere. If you need to finance your purchase, our financing solution offers very competitive rates. Whether it's a vehicle or equipment, it can be financed by Proleasing.

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